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This insert helps all Account Managers and everyone involved in digital marketing not to forget something and to track campaign results. Please note that this is only a reminder for the basics of digital, because what can be done in digital marketing and what reports can be drawn would not even fit on 100 pages :)

In this insert you get 12 sheets of double-sided printing. So a total of 24 pages that are suitable for 1 client or brand. The pages you get in this insert cover: client and brand description, codes (we suggest you type in some abbreviations), follower tracking, hashtags, influencers, a table for writing post ideas, and whether you’ve posted them on networks, simplified table of Facebook and Instagram ads and campaign results x 2, keyword planner, simplified table of Google ads and campaign results x 2, SEO (site ranking for important keywords), simplified table of Google analytics, Newsletter and results campaign, as well as a monthly review of expenses.

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