Ketlimons – Set of 2 cake candles

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Ketlimons unique candles that, in addition to smelling wonderful and decorating any space, simply look so realistic and delicious, that you want to eat them, but please don’t :)

COMPOSITION: Natural waxes, fragrances, colors, cotton wick

SMELL: Creamy Vanilla & Caramel with a pinch of Red Fruits

MAINTENANCE: Do not leave candles in direct sunlight and near objects that emit heat (stoves, heaters, air conditioners…), in cold places or places with strong air currents. Store candles at room temperature. For longer burning, cut the wick to a length of 2mm each time before lighting. When lighting, be sure to place the candles on a non-flammable surface. Do not leave candles near flammable materials and unattended!

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Baby Pink, White

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